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Zack Is A Charater In The Mjduniverse Series, The adventures on Neuriotronn, and The Dumb Adventures Of Chucky. He is the most famous character in the entire Mjduniverse Series.

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First name:


Last Name:





Urbecla, Dizachialand

Candy incident:

Zack loves candy but his mom banned him from having it because it made him jump off the walls.

Sploder Games:

He is Put Into "Why Kids Shouldn't Games. He Is Mischevous And Does Many Crazy Things.

Serbian Zack Games[]

Some user on sploder called "Nikoia44444" made some Zack games in the language Serbian.

Most Popular games including Zack[]


Zack as Supernub.

  • Why Zack Shouldn't Have Pokemon.
  • Why Kids Shouldn't Play Mario
  • Why Kids Shouldn't Watch Youtube
  • A 3 Year Old Who Robbed A Bank (Cameo)
  • A 3 Year Old Who Robbed A Bank 2
  • Why Kids Shouldn't Climb Mt Everest
  • Why Kids Shouldn't Troll
  • A Kid Who Loved Justin Bieber
  • Why Kids Shouldn't Listen To Jb
  • Why Kids Shouldn't Play M rated Games
  • A Kid Who Meet Slenderman
  • Why Zack Shouldn't click on Ads
  • What If Zack Pushed A RED BUTTON 3D