"An Untitled Sploder Crossover Game" is an upcoming crossover game, exclusive on, by 

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Mangamixer. It was first announced during Christmas' Eve and it will be not releated to the Crossover Project X series. While the game feature some Sploder characters, it will feature some characters from real game franchises, such as the Super Mario. series. Also it will introduced new orignal characters.

Development Edit

The game was first announced during Christmas' Eve and was revealed in teaser by Mangamixer on its official website, showing the symbols of the characters like Petit. It is unknown if this game would be a rpg, fighting or a platformer game. For some reason, it will be not created with Puzzle Maker or Platformer, due to fact of possible graphics updates of Retro Creator or new possible 3D Game Creator. While it was opposite to the Crossover Project X series, the game will be more darker and well-plotted. A reveal trailer of this game was released on its official website. 



Names Game/series Creators Age
Alex Chang/Tigzon Tigzon Gamerdeath722/Mangamixer 16
James/Desert Wolf  Desert Wolf


24 (in dog years)
Petit Petit's Adventure Rich3001k 12


Skyward Poostudios/Scourtile  N/A
Zack The Mjduniverse Series Mjduniverse  12


Names Game/series Companies
Mario Super Mario Bros. Nintendo

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