Tigzon Battle is a Sploder fighting game and a spin-off to the Tigzon series, made by Mangamixer (a.k.a
File:Tigzon Battle screenshot 2.png
Gamerdeath722). It is a bit similar to Scoutile's Cube Fighters, but with graphics. It features characters from the Tigzon series, as well as new characters, such as Damage Dux, Nova Natsumi, Jack-Jack Swagy and Alucard Mitsuko. The game is heavily inspired by Japanese manga.

Storyline EditEdit

Taking place in a fictional metropolis city, known as Nex-Tokyo. Seven 

File:Tigzon Battle screenshot.png

legendary Ulitgems balls are scattered in different locations, like Downtown New Yorkyo, Ancient Oshima Island and Statue of Tokyo Sky Tree. The player must faces against each characters, like Drax and Damage. The person who collects all seven Ulitgems, will have their dearest wish granted.

Gameplay EditEdit

The gameplay will be made with Sploder's Physics Puzzle Maker, and it is a fighting game (inspired by Street Fighters and Tekken games series). Background of the game will be made with graphics in the style of retro games. Characters are also made with graphics. The player can only hit them at a certian amount of times.



Tigzon/Alex Tigzon is a transformation of Alex Chang that he is a tiger-cat hybrid creature, known as Tigerat. His ability can go faster, fight faster and a ability to transform into Super Tigzon, by collecting many Ulitgems
Drax ​Drax is a wolf-like character and Alex/Tigzon's rival. He is an adventurer who holds a large handgun and rides a hovercycle named Maximum Cycle. 
Leaf Loola  Leaf Loola is a normal teenage girl from Marx, her home planet. She is smart, genius and beautiful girl, who takes care of her own pet Puffy. She is Alex/Tigzon's love interest. 
Kai Kai is a Tasmainian Devil, who is simialr to Taz (from the Looney Tunes series). He is a crazy, goofy character who upset with Tigzon calling him Mr. Australian Devil.
Jack-Jack Swagy Jack-Jack is a crazy cat-like character, who obessed with being a popular person. However, he is a dim-witted, clumsy teenager, who pretends to be like Sonic the Hedgehog
Damage Dux Damage Dux is a duck-like character, who is selfish, goofy character, that always attracted to teenage girls.  
Nova Natsumi Nova Natsumi is a open-minded human teenage girl, who she knows karate and boxing. She is Captain Azmiz Gingerbeard's niece.
Alucard Mitsuko Alucard Mitsuko is a devlish kid and the final boss of this game.  
Petit Chevalier A character from another series Petit's Adventure.
James Sandsoul A character from another series named Desert Wolf (Series).
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