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The Awesome Team is a series of sploder games/movies that were made by geodesigner, a succesful famous member of sploder. It has Vaxen2, Pieman224, taranbrat, gerald123, and many more. It is not advised for anyone sensitive to action and blood, seeing as it has lots of violence in it. 

It began as a short-lived tv show whose pilot was quickly dropped before being finished. But much later, mid the prioduction of the second film, the first episode was ocmpelted. The seocnd episode was began, but has never been  finished.

A movie was made that spanned 31 parts. And finally, a second movie is being made that currently is planning to ahve at least 50 parts, and 45 have been released. Geodesigner wants to feed it into an editing software, and use real voice actors to make it into a very ghetto animated movie. Geodesigner says that he wants to make it one of, if not the greatest films on Sploder. 

poster for awesome team 2.


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The Awesome Team
Created by Geodesigner
Contest Winners - Yes

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