Texx Mazino is the main protagonist of Mangamixer's new Texx's Adventure series. He is an outgoing, teenage-being Tigerat skater, who was adopted by Professor Marko, an American-Japanese scientist. He has a craving for nachos with cheese sauces and is quite quick-witted. He is sort-of simialr to Tigzon, However's Texx is not a human being.
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Texx Mazino is a Tigerat (a tiger-cat hybrid creature similar to Tigzon form from Alex Chang), who his parents was killed by an races of dark aliens, called Dark Echos, before he was grown up. Afterall, Texx was poor when he lived at his rotten box in the street of New Yorkyo (a combination of New York and Tokyo). Professor Marko, an American-Japanese scientist adopted him and he described him as his only son.

Appearance Edit

His appearance is simialr to Tigzon (a form of Alex Chang) and he is resemblance as Sonic the Hedgehog.

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