It's a series that is similar to other Sploder movies but very different in a way. It has Super Heroes and Villains.


Name: Dealwithitdewott

Powers: Shape-shifting into a Dewott and some underwater abilities.

Description: He was a 13 year old Sploderian who was captured by Noob Crooks. The Sploder Mod Police came but he was dead and the crooks threw him into the ocean then energy from the ocean (Water Energy) surrounded him and before he knew it he was alive. He later learned that he had un-Sploderian powers including shape-shifting into a Dewott so he later used it for good. He then funded the Sploder Super Heroes League.

Name: Rich3001k

Weapons: A Grappling Launcher and a Laser Whip.

Description: He is a Sploderian who always wanted to save Sploder so his chance came and he funded the Sploder Super Heroes League. After that he became the general, 2nd in command of the crew.

Name: Fennekin

Powers: Transforming from Splodermon form to Pokemon form, fire powers.

Description: She was from the first generation of Splodermon to arrive in Sploder. She then lived in harmony with other Sploderians but one day she found a Red Gem that gave her the ability to shift from Splodermon form to Pokemon form. She then used her new-found powers to fight evil. She later joined the Sploder Super Heroes League.

Name: Mjduniverse

Powers: Really strong punches and sometimes it catched on fire.

Description: He arrived into Sploder from another land. He first came there to make his Mjduniverse series dream come true but he later realized that Sploder was in crisis so he decided to fight back. The origins of his powers are unknown but people say that he got them from Mjdplanetwhere he used to live in.

Name: Trollingface

Powers / Weapons: Cloning himself, Bullet Bill gun.

Description: His family had a very large secret... Every member had a certain power but they had kept it a secret from eachother until Trollingface accidently discovered it when he was attacked by Noob thugs.

Name: Koolyk

Powers: Telekinesis

Description: He was your regular adventurer who was climbing a mountain when a storm came so he went into a cave and found an elderly man who gave him a glass of water that looked a little suspicious but he drank it anyways. When the storm cleared up he went outside only to feel like somethings taking control of him and sooner or later he gained telekinetic powers and wanted to plan world domination.

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