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Skyward (空に向かって,Sora ni mukatte) is Poostudios's attempt at getting into this whole sploder-series-thingy.    ==Notice== Don't delete this, I can't get on the Sploder Series wiki cause of Head, and I need to make the page here.


9/27/13-The first two characters are created by editing sprites from EarthBound and Mother 3.

10/2/13-The Skyward series is created

10/3/13-Skyward (the game) is first created

10/20/13-Skyward is published

11/1/13-Skyward Revelations is started

11/16/13-Skyward Revelations is cancelled

11/17/13-Skyward 2 begins

11/17/13-The cast expands greatly

11/18/13-Skyward Relevations returns



Matthew is a heroic young boy, and he is the main protagonist of the series. 


Alex is Matthew's best friend, and he is good at creating machines.


Crystal is the main female protagonist of the series. She is a sweet but shy girl.


Lloyd is the leader of an army of masked men, who plan to revive Negativ after him being sealed away.


Leo is Matthew's rival who debuts in the cancelled Skyward Revelation. He is very mischevious.


Alex's younger brother, who is also a good inventor.


The main antagonist who wants to take over Reku.


Skyward-The first game in the series. Matthew and Alex go on a quest to stop the evil villian,Negativ.

Skyward Relevation-The sequel to Skyward. Leo joins Matthew and Alex on another quest to stop Negativ. It got cancelled, and the fate of the series is currently undetermined. It is most likely not over due to the fact that new Matthew and Alex graphics were made.


Skyward has lots of cameos. Polvo appears in the first level, Schnee appears in the second level,Bob and a Muha Kid appear in the third level, and Zack appears in the last level.

In the sequel,Polvo and Jessica can be found in Level 1.

Professor Dunce Theory[5][]

In the character description, it says Prof.Dunce is Matthew's teacher. In the Mjduniverse Series, Prof.Dunce is Zack's stupid teacher. The character Prof.Dunce was created by the creator of Skyward. Also, Matthew is 13 and Zack is 12, so it is very possible that Matthew goes to Urbecula Academy despite living in Reku. In the cancelled Skyward Relevation, a school-like area can be found in the first level. It has Zack,Jack,and Prof.Dunce in it.