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Web browser (via sploder.com)

Saidai Fighterz (最大ファイターズ, Saidai Faitāzu) is an upcoming Sploder fighting game series, created by Saidaifighterz (a collab between Mangamixer, Azh and Farouq X, two of those who don't have their real accounts). Similar to Tigzon Battle, Mangamixer's previous fighting game, it features gameplay that allows players to only hit them at a certain amount of times. The game is heavily inspired by some 2D fighting arcade games, mostly the Street Fighter series and Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. 

There will be three modes in the series, Story Mode (which follows the story of each playable characters) Solo Mode (A mode that contains solo gameplay with stages to fight) and Two-Player Mode (A multiplayer mode that has a similar gameplay to Sploder Deadlocked and an upcoming Sploder Smash Bros series).  


Saidai Fighterz is a Physics Puzzle-made fighting game, which used its modified Tigzon Battle engine. Unlike Tigzon Battle, which features a Double-Size view gameplay, Saidai Fighterz features a Zoom-size gameplay. Backgrounds and graphics were all made with graphics in a style of retro 2D fighting games. Their are three separate modes in this game, which includes Story mode, Solo mode and Two-Player Mode. In Story mode, you can choose separately, a story of each playable characters. Solo mode, contains a solo stages, features a Zoom-size gameplay, incorporating by the player itself, which can only hit the enemy fighter at certain amount of times when they appear the screen. In Two-Player Mode, it features a Double-size view gameplay, similar to Sploder Smash Bros and Tigzon Battle.

Most of the modes will be released under the collections of Mangamixer's account.


The game features a rosters of 11 original characters (Three of each appear only in boss stages for most of the characters' storylines; however, there were not playable in other modes). Nova Natsumi and Damage Dux (from Mangamixer's Tigzon Battle) were also playable characters on Saidai Fighterz.

Names Powers/Moves Info
Grey "Zotto" Jitai
Jane "Zunō" Blossom
Drake "Doreiku" Akuryo