Sploder Characters and Series Database

The Incredible 11 is a crossover of Sploder Series.


A man named General Mat has recruited Sploder Series characters from different universes to fight against the 0 Alliance, an alliance made by the most imfamous villains of the Sploder series universes.


  • Desert Wolf/James Sandsoul
  • Petit Chevalier
  • Alex Chang/Tigzon
  • Matthew
  • The main character of Novaseriox (Hope it's an actual game and not like the Mjd Series)
  • Arzle
  • Grey
  • General Mat
  • Polvo (I'll explain why he exists even though his game is cancled)
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Kit Kat (Supporting character)
  • More to be added...

Explanation of Polvo's existence[]

Now as many of you know Polvo has been... Canned... So this is why he's all of a sudden in this. His universe was under construction but many chaotic things were happening but luckily Mat rescued him before his universe imploded. Now he is a member of the Incredible 11.