Eboyone, the trollish noob.


Eboyone is an evil noobish villain.

Operation hack[edit | edit source]

Eboyone hacked into eboyfive's account and posted threatening messages. Then eboyfive defeated him and banished him from eboyfive's account.

Operation troll[edit | edit source]

Next eboyone tried to troll sploder by releasing a fake Sploder the movie Pt. 6. It was not a sucess and bloon got angry.

Operation Zorb[edit | edit source]

Eboyone next ambushed eboyfive when eboyfive was holding a party to celebrate 300 friends! Eboyfive escaped and Eboyone got defeated by eboytwo, eboythree and eboyfour.

Who knows what he will do next?[edit | edit source]

We must be prepared and ready for his next move.

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