Rich3001k made a remake of Adventure called "Petit's Adventure Recoded" and many things, if not all, are changed. This game is such a departure from the original, some might call it a retelling rather than a remake.

Changes in the remakeEdit

  • Of course, the graphics are updated.
  • Most of the music is changed.
  • The shooting minigame is now set on ground rather than sky.
  • Monkey, fish, shark, and alien enemies are completely removed.
  • Diamonds, bat wing powerups, smile and checker blocks are all removed.
  • Shin, LeRoy, and Jewel don't appear in the remake at all.
  • Scenery is added.
  • This time, all graphics are made by Rich3001k.
  • In the original game, the boss battle with Vometronz was set at night. In the remake, it is day.
  • In the first level, the hill is replaced by spiral stairs.
  • Tree stumps are added, but only 1 time are they important.
  • Background Hayds, Haydequins, and Xiphs are added.
  • A new gameplay mechanic, spirals, let you open doors.
  • Petit can no longer move on the shooting minigame.
  • Another gameplay mechanic, golden spirals, give you extra lives.
  • The first level still has an underground segment, but it is heavily extended to make the game harder.
  • In the minigame, Vamperors replace the monkeys and snails and Piro replaces the ape.
  • The desert level from the original game is completely overhauled. It is now grassy and the basic outline is changed.
  • The ice level is removed.
  • The original game's Level 7 was a space level while in the remake, it is the boss level.
  • The space level is removed.
  • The underwater level which was Level 5 in the original game is Level 6 in the remake.
  • Vamperors and snail fish are added.
  • The new Level 5 is a fortress on columns.
  • Enemies can't be killed in the remake.
  • In the original game, to beat Vometronz, you had to jump on him while in the remake, you have to make him fall off the fortress by shooting spiral balls at him.
  • In the original game, the end shows Rich3001k thanking the player for playing while in the remake, it shows Petit spinning, followed by Rich3001k's intro(w/ music).
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