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This is a special show on Sploderchannel that continues Crossover Project X. It will be created once CPX is finished.


Image Name Info
File:CPXtS Desert Wolf.png
Desert Wolf / James Sandsoul He is a wolf who lives in a desert, and he protects it from Iguaba and his army.
File:CPXtS Cy-Fox.png
Cy-Fox / Zen Speedlo He was an ordinary Fox named Zen who went to Creatura High School until one day, the state of Creatura was attacked by X-0s (which are robot aliens) and the high school got destroyed along with half of the state. But scientists found Zen, who barely survived and was slowly dying, so the only way for them to save them was to bring him back as a cy-borg and when it was finished he was officialy renamed Cy-Fox and he swore to kill the X-0s.
File:CPXtS Jannet Landly.png
Jannet Landly She is James' girlfriend who got kidnapped by the Iguanas but James defeated them and saved her.
X-O-K He's the king of the X-Os.
X-O-S He is X-O-K's strongest soldier.
File:CPXtS Iguaba.png
Iguaba He is the cruel king of the iguanas.
File:CPXtS Petit.png
Petit Chevalier He is the main protagonist of the Petit's Adventure franchise. He is a hero to the Hayds of Kudzu. He's an outgoing kid and he is rarely bothered by anything. He likes tacos.
File:CPXtS Shin.png
Shin Masato He is Petit's best friend and also rival. He is sometimes cocky and arrogant and he seems to be the one who is the angriest at Vometronz.
File:CPXtS Leroy.png
LeRoy He is Sally's step-brother and likes to take part in Petit's adventures. Unlike his friend Chucky, he is hot-headed and likes to have more fun.
File:CPXtS Jewel.png
Jewel Re She is one of Petit and Shin's friends who wants to make a name for herself.
File:CPXtS Chucky Re.png
Chucky Re He is Jewel's younger brother and is LeRoy's best bud. Timid and cowardly, he usually panics when something goes wrong.
File:CPXtS Sally.png
Sally She is one of Petit and Shin's friends who is Jewel's best friend.
File:CPXtS Izzy.png
Izzy Newt He is one of Petit's friends who's name is a pun on 17th century scientist Issac Newton. If not for his name, you'd probably mistake him for a girl.
File:CPXtS Vometronz.png
Vometronz the Red Creature He is the villain of the Petit's Adventure series and he's always wanting more. He will stop at nothing to destroy Petit and the others.
File:CPXtS Xiph.png
Xiph The Xiphs are a species of land swordfish that are very playful. Many Hayds have Xiphs, and Petit has a Xiph also.
File:CPXtS Melee.png
Melee This is a race of badgers that are friends with Xiphs.
File:CPXtS Hayd.png
Hayd This species is the dominant species of Kudzu. They are similar to Toads of the Mario series.
File:CPXtS Haydequin.png
Haydequin They are a subspecies of Hayds that resembles clowns. Their name is a pun on the word Harlequin.
File:CPXtS Piro.png
Piro He is the supreme overlord of the Vamperors, but Vometronz is his overlord. He is Vometronz's second-in-command and hates Petit with a passion.
Tigzon Tigzon is a transformation of Alex, who is a tiger-cat hybrid creature. He has the ability to go faster, fight faster and the ability to transform into Super Tigzon.
Alex Chang Alex Chang is the main character of the Tigzon series. He is outgoing, trouble-making teen, who is addicted to video games and action movies. He has the ability to transform into a powerful tiger-cat hybrid creature, who he calls himself, "Tigzon".
Dr. Massona Dr. Massona is Alex's mother and a scientist. She was the wife of Mikey Chang, until his death in a plane accident. She and Alex moved to Professor Muzuka's lab house, where her friend Professor Muzuka lives.
Leaf Loola Leaf Loola is a normal teenage girl from Marx, her home planet, where she was rescued from the RED Headquarters. She is smart, genius and beautiful girl, who takes care of her own pet Puffy. She is Alex/Tigzon's love interest. 
Tina Loola Tina Loola is Leaf's sister. She is cocky, a brat and selfish girl, who has a crush on Alex and his transformation Tigzon. She is sometimes upset with the Puffies (cute, ball-like creatures).
Rex Chang Rex Chang is a brother of Mikey Chang and the villain of the Tigzon series. His transformation is a strong dragon-like creature that can breath fire. 
Drax Drax is a wolf-like character and Alex/Tigzon's rival. He is an adventurer who holds a large handgun and rides a hovercycle called Maximum Cycle.
Raynia Jeweller Raynia Jeweller is a teenage girl that transform into a regular Puffy. She is a daughter of a musular mechanic, Billy Maxiko.
Captain Amiz Gingerbeard Captain Azmiz Gingerbeard is the villain of Tigzon Revolution. He is grumpy, mean and is the captain of the ship.*Nightless ​Nightless is an dark teenage female pirate and the first mate of Captain Azmiz GingerbeardGingerbread is a combination of Shadow the Hedgehog (from the Sonic the Hedgehog series) and a Heartless (from the Kingdom Hearts series)
Kai (AKA Mr. Australian Devil Kai is a Tasmanian Devil, who is similar to Taz (from the Looney Tunes series). He is a crazy, goofy character who is upset with Tigzon calling him Mr. Australian Devil.
Texx Mazino Texx is the main protagonist of the Texx series. He is a teenage Tigerat, who was adopted by Professor Marko, an American-Japanese scientist. He has a craving for nachos and is quite quick-witted. In the past, Texx was the only Tigerat (a tiger-cat hybrid creature) being survived, which his parents and other Tigerats were killed by him.
Rosa Marina Rosa is a human teenage girl and Texx's love interest. Rosa is an anime-style stereotype girl, who she knows karate and boxing. She also works on her uncle's Chinese restaurant.
Damage Dux Damage is a Texx's arch-nemesis and Mayor Raki's sidekick. He is a goofy, selfish teenage duck, who attempts to win over his love interest, Rosa Marine from Texx. His name is similar to Damage Duck (another character by Gamerdeath722).
Zack TJF.png
Zack Zack is a child who causes trouble all the time and appears in The Johnny Family/The Mjduniverse Series.

Chucky is a fat guy who likes eating stuff. He has a show on WBAD Watch Chucky Eat Things. He lives in Urbecula and tried to eat Sploder before. But he failed because of Poostudios,Greendino11, Mjduniverse, Zack, and Geoff. Chucky only tried eating Sploder because he was super hungry. In his art, his belly looks like a circle.

May the Poostudios Killer She is a evil girl based off (May from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire) and she is the new antagonist of CPX where she found the remains of Atomo and gained his power. She decided to collapse space and time.
Jake Johnny Jake Johnny is a very mischievous child, always planning bad things to do. He is one of the main charaters of the Johnny Family. He wants to help May destroy Urbecula sometime, but May never lets him because since he is from Urbecula, May thinks he is an idiot. Zack replaced him as the main character. He also owns an EVILDOS computer. He appears in Jake Johnny gets grounded.
Matthew Skyward.png
Matthew Matthew is a character from Skyward. Matthew is a heroic young boy who will do anything to help others.
Alex Alex is Matthew's best friend, and he is good at creating machines.
Crystal Crystal is the main female protagonist of the series. She is a sweet but shy girl.
Lloyd Lloyd is a tough guy who cares more about brawn then brains.
Prof. Dunce He is a Matthew's dumb teacher. He might get fired soon. He was once in the Mjduniverse series.
File:Polvo the Mountain Weasel.png
Polvo Polvo is a timid, shy and hard-working Mountain Weasel. He lives on a Mountain near a farm owned field.
Ra An Indian Spotted Eagle that looks like the Egyptian God Ra. He wants to punish mankind for killing his family and will attempt to kill anyone (animal or not) in his way. 
Prodigy A rainbow coloured talking bow.
File:Kit-Kat the Warrior.png
Kit-Kat the Warrior He is a cat being taught the ways of Kung Fu thanks to Bulldogo. He's the main character of Kit-Kat the Warrior.
Bulldogo He is the master of Kit-Kat the Warrior and he had an old apprentice that he treated like a son but he was killed in a terrible boxing match incident.
Tick-Tack He is the main enemy of Kit-Kat and plans on destroying him, Bulldogo, and the world.
File:Red (Water Sea Wars).png
Red He is the bigger brother to Blue. He has a red hot temper and he really likes spicy and hot stuff. Even thought he is older than Blue, he is less mature than him. His nickname is Flame. He hates Purple.
File:Blue (Water Sea Wars).png
Blue He is a brave young boy, being a sibling to Red, he is a hero to many. Many call him the rebel of water. His nickname is Aqua.
Yellow He is a really fast, speedy, type of person who won the round 2 for the Water Sea Wars being tied with Green. They were held captive but Red and Blue set them free and they became friends. He happens to have a crush on Storm and has terrible aiming. His nickname is Bolt.
Green He is a friend to Red and Blue who they met along side with Yellow. He was in first place in round 2 of the Water Sea Wars being tied with Yellow so they were locked up by the government only to be released for the next Water Sea Wars on a tag team with Yellow but they were freed by Red and Blue. He is a vegitarian and his nickname is Coro (short for corrosive). He has a crush on Purple.
Storm She is a hard-working, tomboy who acts very strong. She has some temper at times and is part of the team Blue and Red has made. She has a crush on Yellow. Her nickname is Gray.
Purple She is an anti-hero accasionaly helping Blue's team. She is a very weird person who has a crush on Red and definetly shows it. Her nickname is Poison. She hates Green.
Orange She was an orphan and was really smart, so one day she became a test subject. She is a result of a mutation from White where he tried mixing Orange Fox DNA with her DNA and it was a success and with the new DNA switch she gained a strange appetite, a fox-like appearance, a stronger sence of smell, and the ability to commounicate with other Orange Foxes. She ran away from the testing labs and became friends with Blue and his team. Her weapon is a gun that shoots tree sap to slow her enemies down and she built it herself as well as the other teammates weapons. She has a pet red fox that she calls her brother. Her nickname is Phox. She is the one who hates Purple the most. She also chose a Fennekin when she got X and Y.
Black He is a doppleganger for Blue and the main antagonist for the second game and beyond. He has the powers of just Blue in the second game but in the third he gains the powers of Red, Yellow, and Green. His scientist sidekick is White. His nickname is Darknos.
White He is a perfect example of smartness. He is a mad scientist who made Orange who she is today. He only believes in science and no mythology. He is Black's sidekick for the 3rd game. His nickname is Einstein.
Orange Fox An orange fox is a species that is mostly kept as pets and Orange has one that she calls "Brother". Some of them are wild though.
Brown He is a hero and occasionally helps Blue's team when in trouble. He is silent. He also has a dark past with black. He is very muscular. His nickname is Barbarian.
Turquoise He is Red and Blue's time traveling cousin and he claims that he saw a dark future involving black and it was up to Blue and his team to fix it. His nickname is 00ff9d.
Gaiba He has a rude and splode-y personality and his special moves are Kazakenzi, Kaibito, the chest blast and Sky Blaze, another chest blast but unlike the Kaibuto, it's light turquoise blue and the Kaibito is dark red.
Alex Ways
Nerdy Nick
Little Timmy
Super Stickman
Angry Dog
May (CB)
Birds (Birds and Bees)
Bees (Birds and Bees)
Jungle Joe
Melee Petit It has recently been announced that Petit will gain a new badger-like form, known as "Melee Petit". His abilities using this new form have yet to be revealed. He gains this form using a Melee Spiral.
File:BOB (1).png
Bob Bob is an evil entity from the Cube Fighters series. He is made from pure darkness and no one can beat him. People say his fart killed the dinosaurs.
Ness the Poostudios Killer Ness the Poostudios Killer is a brainwashed version of Ness from EarthBound. He is the new secondary antagonist of CPX.