◾Skyward (game)- Matthew's first quest is in this game. Matthew gets sucked into a void while exploring and hears about Negativ's sinister plan. He eventually defeats Negativ and restores peace to the land of Reku.

  • Skyward Anniversary (Classic Story)- Matthew hears about his evil Beast counterpart, who was created by the evil Head Lord in hopes of replacing the Sploder Multiverse, and goes to defeat him, who eventually reveals that he wants to destroy time.

◾Sploder Deadlocked- Matthew is one of the many characters to be captured by the evil Jack-Jack Black and put into the Eliminated Championship. He faces off against Link, Pikachu, and Zack in an old ship.

◾Skyward Revelations-Matthew hears that Negativ has struck back and needs to be stopped once more. Joined by Leo, Matthew sets off to defeat Negativ once more.

◾Crossover Project X the Show-Matthew is one of the many Sploder characters who fight against May, to prevent her from collapsing space and time, ruining the whole Sploder universe.

◾Skyward Chronicles-Matthew hears about a legion of masked men who want to take over the world using a sealed beast, who can be set free using the Elemental Crystals. More coming soon

◾Tigzon Battle- Matthew hears about the huge tournament going on in Nex-Tokyo. He joins the brawl, and finds out that Petit, James Sandsoul, Tigzon, and Zack are all entering.

◾Skyward x the Mjd Series- The worlds of The Mjd Series and Skyward are somehow connected, more coming soon

  • Skyward Rebooted- Matthew, Alex, and Crystal hear about Negativ's return, and eventually defeat him. More will be revealed about Negativ's backstory in this game.
  • Skyward Anniversary (Modern Story)- Matthew (in his recent design) find an evil time-ruining monster who must be defeated.
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