Chronology of the Petit series in order:

  • Vometronz The Resurrection -This game focuses on Vometronz and his rise to power. Petit does not appear.
  • Petit's Neighborhood /Petit's Neighborhood Remade -Though this game doesn't appear to have any relevance to the chronology, this game takes place the day after Vometronz The Resurrection. Petit is setting off to defeat Vometronz, which takes place in the following game.
  • Adventure Demo /Adventure /Adventure Levels 1 and 2 Rerelease /Petit's Adventure Recoded -Petit meets Vometronz for the first time in these games. This game establishes the game's main canon.
  • Petit Lost in a Cave -Vometronz returns in this game.
  • CPX -Though this series is technically non-canon, this game may be linked as coming before Petit Lost Again, due to the appearance of Desert Wolf and Tigzon characters in Petit Lost Again.
  • Petit Lost Again -Vometronz traps Petit in the same cave as before. Desert Wolf and Tigzon characters appear in this, meaning it takes place after CPX.
  • Petit Minigamez -Though this game is relatively unimportant, this may take place around Petit Lost Again, because Desert Wolf and Tigzon appear in the clouds of Kudzu.
  • Petit's Adventure 2 -Vometronz returns, again.
  • Tigzon in Petit's World -Tigzon and Desert Wolf finally escape Kudzu in this game!
  • Petit's Adventure 3 Prologue -Setting out to defeat Fuel.exe and his army!
  • Petit's Adventure 3 Stage 1 -Petit and friends travel through the first world out of 4.

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