Sploder Characters and Series Database
  • Desert Wolf 1 /Desert Wolf Recoded -James meets and destroys the Iguana army.
  • James Lost in Limbo -Takes place during Desert Wolf 1/Desert Wolf Recoded if he dies; He gains the ability to turn into Vortex Desert Wolf.
  • Desert Wolf 2 Revenge of the Iguana King -10 months after the original game. James encounters and destroys the Zombie Iguana Army.
  • CPX -James travels through other characters' worlds and fights Atomo.
  • Petit Lost Again -James is in Kudzu, meaning this happens during or slightly after CPX. He gets captured by Piro.
  • Desert Wolf 3 -James frees the Shaplers and Blocklers.
  • Cy-Fox -This game tells the backstory of Desert Wolf's new sidekick, Cy-Fox.